Free Sessions Synchronization

Sessions from all browsers synchronized at dotoast.com/user/sessions

πŸ”— Share Session as a Link

All sharing options are Free now

VPN + Toast = πŸ’›

Enjoy Toast even with enhanced security

New Session Saving Way

Preview & edit links while creating a session

πŸ’Έ 50%OFF Subscription

Starting from $2.99/mo

πŸš€ 4x Faster Performance

More powerful technology

Redesigned Sessions Page comes for Free

With the ability to sort sessions and move links between sessions

Open Sessions
Link Renaming

Set custom name instead of URL

Redesigned Sessions Page comes for Free

With the ability to sort sessions and move links between sessions

Open Sessions
⌨️ Toast is closer to you now,
with Shortcuts
Ctrl + ⇧
  • + S- Create Session
  • + E- Share Session
  • + U- Add URL to Session
Sign In with Apple

Account is more accessible

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New Extensions Design

Interaction with extension on the new level

Toast 2.5 Features List:

Free Sessions Synchronization

All your sessions are now available for you on any device that has a browser. Just open dotoast.com/user/sessions and get access from anywhere. Available on all plans.

New Sessions Saving Way

Not always you need all tabs in the open window to be saved into a session. In the previous version, it required going to the session page and deleting unnecessary links afterward. We heard your feedback and added ability not only to remove links while saving a session but also to add a custom name for each of those, which lets you quickly recall the link content later.

4x Faster Performance

We've been working a lot on this update. We completely revamped the entire system: back-end, web platform and extensions. Everything is faster, more secure and stable.

Sign In with Apple

Sign in with Apple is a nice small addition to our account creation process. Now you have even more options to start using Toast without a need in yet another account.

Redesigned Sessions Page comes for Free

Our completely rebuilt, filled with features (and obviously your sessions πŸ™‚) sessions page becomes available for all users on all plans. With this page, you can access sessions from all your browsers on any device, manage them, links inside, change order, and more.

Link Renaming

Sometimes it's hard to recall what website it was that had the information you need. You know it's there, in this session, but which link is it? No more guessing, you can give any link a name that makes sense to you, even while saving a session.

Share Sessions as a Link

We've added one more way for you to share a session - by the link. Just like you share a website, now you can share 20, or 60... as much as you can open in a browser window, that all in just 4 clicks. And, that's not even the best news for you. Here is the one: All sharing options are Free now!

Toast is closer to you now, with Shortcuts

We were thinking, how to make Toast even easier and faster to use. And we've got a great idea - shortcuts. However, we use so many tools, and learning more shortcuts could be hard, not a problem at all. Toast is also now accessible via the context menu. It's quick, it's close, it's natural, just the way you'd imagine.

VPN + Toast = πŸ’›

Many of our users are professionals who require VPN software for their ultra-important work. Sadly for us, Toast was not working with VPN on Safari. We had to fix it immediately. Now no VPN is a blocker for Toast.

As always, we didn't stop just there. We asked our users what tools do they use that have conflicts with Toast. The most noticeable one was The Great Suspender. Guess it, we fixed that one too. So now you can use Toast together with your other beloved apps and extensions.

50%OFF Subscription

Starting from $2.99/mo. Nothing more to add, it's less than a cup of coffee in most of the world.

New Extension Design

We always keep improving our design and user experience and this is one of the bigger steps on our way to perfection, that we are excited about. Simpler, cleaner and even more beautiful design language applied to everything you see in Toast.